Supercharge your productivity.

Stop burnout and experience deep work like never before
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Immerse yourself in meaningful work.

Make every second count with TimeChi, a groundbreaking focus and productivity tool designed to get you into "deep work" quickly
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Enjoy working with teams with collaboration features powered by TimeChi - third party integrations with Jira, Trello, Zoom, Slack and more.

Improve team collaboration.

TimeChi is designed to bring teams closer. Learn how to get your team in-sync, and work harmoniously across projects in record time
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One button to rule them all.

Fully customizable “Do Not Disturb” timeboxing platform with smart integrations and metrics with purpose
The importance of having regular breaks at work.
Instantly block out digital & physical Interruptions
For individuals and teams
The importance of having regular breaks at work.
Automatically schedule regular breaks
TimeChi allows for Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.
Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity
One touch start for deep work.
One touch start
Track where you spend your time at work.
Track & analyze performance
TimeChi uses timeboxing methods to help you focus by allowing you to set your own custom focus cycles. Choose 25 minutes of focus, or more or less! The choice is yours.

The science behind timeboxing.

Timeboxing is a scientifically-proven time management technique to help people achieve their goals and minimize the symptoms of burnout
The idea is simple. By allocating a certain amount of time to an activity in advance and then completing the activity within that time frame, the worker is placed in a state of “deep work” where they are able to focus and concentrate. Some people describe this productive flow state as being “in the zone”.

There are countless pieces of research that has proven how timeboxing increases positive habits, and trains your mind to think clearly and therefore work more efficiently.
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TimeChi-e is a fully wireless, secondary screen that syncs with your personal TimeChi device which attaches to your door, wall or cubicle to display your work status. Tell others when you’re busy and when it’s safe to come knocking.
TimeChi-e works with TimeChi to let others know when not to disturb you and when to come back. A powerful sign that tells others when you're working. Do not disturb!
Download the TimeChi app and block digital distractions from your smartphone and track your productivity anywhere, anytime.

TimeChi App

Fully customizable

Fully customizable - personalize the duration of your focus and break cycles, choose the type of notifications or alerts to unblock.

Personalized analytics

Access individual or team performance analytics  to understand distractors, motivators and working style.

Easy updates

Supports Over the Air (OTA) updates to enhance functionality, making it easier to introduce new features.
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It’s time.

Start using TimeChi as a stand-alone device or take advantage of our best-selling annual Pro subscription


1 TimeChi + 30-day app trial

12-month warranty for any manufacturer defects (minus shipping costs and any customs/taxes

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For Teams

Enterprise level roll-out for larger teams.

Bulk discounts.
24/7 dedicated account manager support.

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TimeChi Pro

Hardware and app subscription starting at $9.99 a month plus a small one-off set-up payment.

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Our story

"How can we put a stop to burn out once and for all?”

As a tech enthusiast who’s always on the lookout for the latest tech to supercharge his lifestyle, Sean Greenhalgh realized he had a problem. Despite having a powerful smartphone and laptop, several workflow and communications apps, online services and websites that promised to make his life easier - he often found himself without time on his side and on the cusp of burning out.

How can we put a stop to burn out, once and for all?

That’s how he came to realize that digital distractions and physical interruptions were a constant source of intrusion that is preventing people from “deep work” - a state of mind when we’re fully focused and therefore most productive.

With a background in biotechnology, Sean decided to find a holistic solution to fight against brain fog and mental drain in a bid to boost his own productivity.  Thus, TimeChi was born.

Through countless design iterations, TimeChi is built to be aesthetically pleasing but also supercharged with powerful tech integrations to help bring the Pomodoro method into the 21st century, changing workplaces everywhere.
TimeChi is built to put an end to burnout. The first prototypes were built using 3D printers.

A productivity tool that uses scientifically proven techniques to prevent burn-out.

Using a 3D printer and some quick software hacks, Sean and his team brought their first rudimentary prototype to life. Soon others in their co-working space started to see the benefits and began asking for one to use themselves.

In 2020, TimeChi was launched on Indiegogo and was fully funded 8x over in just 48 hours.

Today, the TimeChi team has continued to grow, with employees based in Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico and in the Philippines.

“People say time is money. But it’s much more than that. Time is power - it's the most valuable asset anyone can have, and we need to do everything we can to protect it.”

Sean Greenhalgh
CEO and Founder

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