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Introducing the more productive you.

Introducing the more productive you.

Our device and software will help you stay focused so you can tick more things off your to-do list everyday.

Why TimeChi works

Blocks digital distractions

Sync the device with your phone and computer to block digital distractions.

You know what they are.

Reduces physical interruptions

Use the traffic light indicator to let your co-workers and everyone around you know when you’re free to talk.

Let’s face it, people STILL interrupt you when you’re wearing headphones!

Gets you in the zone

Set the timer for focused time so you can be your most productive.

Bonus – it reminds you to take breaks to eat, go to the toilet and stretch, so you can refocus.

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How TimeChi works

Pair the device using the app

Set your focus time and breaks

Press the button

Tackle those tasks

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