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Everyone procrastinates. Just remember that the next time you’re getting frustrated with yourself and struggling with the feeling of not getting anything accomplished in a day. Even though it all hits us, we can still actively manage it when it does strike. Here are some great tips to help beat procrastination:

Break down tasks 

Break your tasks for the day, week and month into bite sized chunks. You’ll get a nice little dopamine hit every time you cross something off your list which will in fact spur you to be more productive!

Start with something easy

Do the things that are the easiest and quickest to finish first, this will help you start your day on a positive note and keep the momentum flowing.

Be kind to yourself 

Allow yourself to have breaks and give your mind a break, we’re not meant to focus for incredibly long periods of time. Give your mind a quick little break every hour or so and you’ll come back refreshed and ready to keep tackling what you need to do.

Organise your space so that you’re comfortable

Remove any known obstacles that may help you procrastinate – this may include having a messy desk, minimising noise, working in a place that is conducive to work, using noise cancelling headphones if you work in a noisy open plan office etc.

Dont be a perfectionist 

Just remember that it’s better to get something out in the world and iterate on it, rather than spend countless hours on something that never sees the light of day.

Reward yourself!

Ticked off three items off your list already? reward yourself with a quick break or a coffee!

Ask yourself why?

If its a task that you find yourself continually putting off yourself it might be reason to ask yourself why and see where your internal monologue leads you.


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