4 Fire-Fighting Equipment That Every Commercial Property Must Have

Did you know that most fire outbreaks attended to by emergency services occur in commercial premises? 

After private non-residential buildings, industrial premises such as warehouses, vehicle repair sites, and manufacturing facilities are the second most flammable properties. Cooking fires, faulty fuses, loose connections, old or defective wiring, and flammable or combustible materials, to name a few, are common causes of fire hazards in commercial spaces. 

However, a report issued by the National Fire Protection Association in 2021 stated that around 52,260 fires were intentionally set. Fires that are deliberately set are known as arson. The possible motives behind arson are many, which could include fraud or debt elimination, revenge, concealing a crime, and vandalism. 

Besides damaging buildings, stocks, and equipment, fire outbreaks injure workers severely. They may sometimes even succumb to the injuries, which could traumatize business owners. 

However, the right fire-fighting equipment can save you from such ordeals. Not only does fire-fighting equipment prevent the spread of fire, but they also provide an early warning alert. 

Read this guide until the end to learn about four pieces of fire-fighting equipment that are a must-have for every business, regardless of size. 

4 Fire-Fighting Equipment That Every Commercial Establishment Must Have

Having the right fire-fighting equipment will protect your establishment from the destruction caused due to fire. In addition, your employers will have peace of mind knowing that their work environment is safe.

When it comes to fire-fighting equipment, business owners often struggle to figure out which one they must install on their property. Assuming you’re among them, we’ve put together a list of the most effective and functional fire-fighting equipment that will help you tackle fire outbreaks in your commercial property. Let’s take a look, then! 

1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are considered an indispensable part of every commercial property, and why not? They help prevent fire outbreaks from turning into disasters by putting them out. 

Regardless of whether you own a retail store or a restaurant, fire extinguishers should be installed on your property. Always install them on easy-to-access walls so that employees can use them to prevent fire from spreading across the establishment. In particular, fire extinguishers must be installed near high-risk locations and escape routes. 

Wet chemicals, carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam and water, water mist, or water spray- there are five different types of fire extinguishers available. Hence, make sure to choose the one that you deem fit for your premise. 

2. Fire Blankets

Commercial properties with kitchen areas must have fire blankets because they are effective in controlling clothing or liquid fires. Fire blankets must be kept adjacent to the kitchen so that they can be used promptly when a fire erupts. 

Even if your commercial kitchen has fire extinguishers, fire blankets are still necessary. That’s because fire blankets smother flames better than fire extinguishers. 

However, you should refrain from going for fire blankets made of aqueous film-forming foam or AFFF foam. 

That’s because recent studies suggest that the properties that make AFFF foam effective in suppressing fire are also responsible for causing several types of cancer and other health problems. This revelation has led industrial workers, firefighters, military personnel, and every individual exposed to AFFF foam to file a firefighter foam cancer lawsuit

According to TorHoerman Law’s legal team, individuals who’ve lost their loved ones to cancer due to exposure to AFFF foam can also file a lawsuit and claim compensation. 

Therefore, going for fire blankets with fluorine-free foam will be the best bet, as it extinguishes fire without causing health issues. 

3. Fire Suppression Systems

Also known as commercial fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems reduce potentially fatal fires into smaller ones without using much water. Mostly, fire sprinklers discharge water from pipes in regions surrounding the fire source only when the temperature of the building rises. 

As per recent news, the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland has made sprinklers mandatory in public buildings. That’s because no fire-related fatalities were recorded in properties with sprinklers. 

4. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors or alarms detect both heat as well as smoke, after which they send an early warning of a potential fire to employees in your establishment. When they detect smoke or heat, they make loud beeping noises and flashing lights to alert everyone of fire outbreaks. This way, employees have ample time to leave the premises. 

When it comes to smoke alarms, one must be installed in every room of the building, and they should be checked weekly or monthly. 

The Bottom Line

Safety against fire ought to be a priority of every business owner; otherwise, you’ll have to incur hefty damages. 

Nearly thousands of people die every year due to fire outbreaks in commercial properties. For this reason, business owners must install fire-fighting equipment in their establishments. Fire-fighting equipment will alert employees in case of a fire outbreak so that they can leave the establishment without delay. 

However, your responsibility doesn’t end with installing fire-fighting equipment. Instead, teach your employees how to handle fire-fighting equipment, so they can use them to save lives from fire hazards.