5 Reasons to Migrate From WordPress to Drupal

If you use WordPress for your website, sooner or later you may wonder what benefits you could gain by migrating to Drupal.

Although both CMSs are in high demand, Drupal offers some unique benefits and features that can play a crucial role in promoting your project.

In this article, we will consider 5 main reasons why you should think about migrating from WordPress to Drupal and where to order Drupal consulting services that will help with the solution of this issue.

  1. More flexible settings

While WordPress offers different themes and templates, Drupal allows you to fully control the design and functionality of the resource.

This CMS has more extensive customization options: here you can make modifications that were not possible on WordPress.

  1. Multilingual support

Almost every business tends to increase the geography of its presence in the market. It is therefore very important to have a website that supports several languages.

This content management system has excellent multilingual support, which simplifies the creation of a resource that can serve customer audiences from different parts of the world speaking different languages.

  1. Better scalability

Your site grows along with the development of your business. Drupal is designed to deal with this issue: a more flexible taxonomy system of this CMS can easily cope with increasing traffic. This is the perfect solution for online stores with a wide range of products!

  1. More reliable security features

Security is critical to any website. Surely you do not want to be in a situation where fraudsters will have access to databases or you will completely lose access to your project.

Everything is done here to minimize such risks and provide users with a wide range of security features to ensure proper protection of the web resource.

  1. Effective content management

This CMS has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to create and customize content the way they want.

Although WordPress is undoubtedly an excellent CMS, its functionality may not be enough for each site. If you feel it’s time to improve your web project, do it by migrating to Drupal!

It is enough to contact Drupfan: one of the leading companies providing Drupal consulting services. They can determine the benefits of such a migration and how this is reasonable for business.