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Anita Baker is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who has had massive success in the music industry. With numerous awards and accolades, she has been one of the most successful and influential female singers of her time. In this article, we will be discussing Anita Baker’s net worth, biography, wiki, cars, house, age, and career.

Anita Baker Net Worth

Anita Baker has an estimated net worth of $30 million. She has earned her wealth through her successful music career which has seen her release eight studio albums and sell over eight million records worldwide. She has also earned from her successful tours and live performances.

Biography, Wiki, Cars, House, Age, Career

Anita Baker was born in Toledo, Ohio on January 26, 1958. She began singing in church as a child and was soon performing in local clubs. She eventually signed with Elektra Records in 1983 and released her debut album, The Songstress, which was an immediate success.

In the following years, she released a string of successful albums and singles, earning her numerous awards and accolades. She has been nominated for 18 Grammy Awards, winning eight of them. She has also been inducted into the Soul Music Hall of Fame.

Anita Baker is the proud owner of several cars, including a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Rolls-Royce. She also owns a luxurious mansion in Detroit, Michigan.

Anita Baker is currently 61 years old and is still actively involved in the music industry. She continues to perform and tour, and her music continues to influence many musicians.

Anita Baker is an iconic figure in the music industry and has had an incredibly successful career. With her estimated net worth of $30 million, her luxurious cars and house, and her numerous awards and accolades, she is one of the most successful and influential female singers of her time.

Anita Baker is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known for her soulful voice, highly acclaimed albums and a plethora of awards, including eight Grammy awards. With an estimated net worth of over $50 million, she has made a name for herself as one of the most successful R&B singers of all time.

Anita Baker was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1958. She started singing in church choirs at the age of 12 and eventually caught the attention of producer, David Washington. Washington offered her the chance to record her first album, The Songstress, in 1983, launching her career as a solo artist.

Baker quickly gained recognition for her soulful style of singing with her debut platinum certified album. In 1986, she released her second album, Rapture, which would become a huge international success. The album earned her four Grammy Awards, five NAACP Image Awards, and sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

As her career gained momentum, Baker released many more successful albums, including Giving You The Best That I Got (1988), Compositions (1990), Rhythm of Love (1994), and Christmas Fantasy (2006). Throughout her career, she has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including eight Grammy Awards, 21 BMI Awards and several other awards.

In terms of her personal life, Anita Baker has two children with her former husband, Walter Bridgforth Jr. She also owns multiple properties and luxury cars, including a Cadillac Escalade, a Mercedes Benz S500, and a BMW M3. She reportedly resides in her $4 million mansion in Grosse Ile, Michigan.

Anita Baker is one of the most successful R&B singers in the world, with a net worth estimated at over $50 million. She has achieved a massive amount of success throughout her career, winning numerous awards and honors. Her beautiful voice and soulful music will undoubtedly continue to entertain generations to come.