BTaskee Mattress Cleaning Service – Elevate Your Sleep Quality

Mattresses are one of the common household items nowadays. However, keeping mattresses clean for a good night’s sleep can be a challenging task for every family. With the mission of helping millions of households improve their quality of life through domestic services, the bTaskee app has integrated a reputable and high-quality home mattress cleaning service!

Why should you use the mattress cleaning service at bTaskee app?

The bTaskee app operates similarly to ride-hailing apps. Through the app, both Customers and bTaskee’s partners (bTasker) can flexibly post and accept tasks. Within just 30 seconds, users can input information such as address, name, phone number, and task description. 

The system transparently displays the service price on the app. If the customer is satisfied with the fee, they confirm the task and proceed. Within 60 minutes, a collaborator confirms the request, and commences the task.

When you choose bTaskee, you can have complete confidence in the reliability and professionalism of our top-notch mattress cleaning experts.

Quick and convenient

With just 30 seconds to book an appointment, customers can save valuable time searching for mattress cleaning services. In a matter of minutes, a mattress cleaning expert will be assigned and arrive at the location to work within a minimum of 60 minutes.

This helps you save time and effort compared to finding an external cleaning team.

The international standard mattress cleaning process of bTaskee:

  • Inspect the condition of the mattress, determine the number of mattresses to be cleaned, and confirm the order.
  • Remove and clean the mattress surface by initially eliminating dust and dirt.
  • Treat and remove stains, spots, and mold on the surface using specialized mattress cleaning solutions.
  • Use a high-capacity mattress cleaning machine to thoroughly remove dirt and residual chemicals.
  • Dry the surface to eliminate any odors.
  • Reassemble the beddings, pillows, and mattress covers to their original positions.
  • Proceed with handover and inspection with the customer.

bTaskee provides a deep and thorough mattress cleaning process, ensuring:

  • Complete removal of dust, dirt, stains, and yellow spots on the mattress.
  • Elimination of damp and musty odors, urine odors, and pet odors.
  • Removal of harmful bacteria, allergens, and skin irritants.

*Note: Depending on the type of mattress, there may be some variations in the cleaning process.

bTaskee’s mattress cleaning service with a professional team

All of our mattress cleaning technicians are experienced professionals, carefully selected and extensively trained in their field, following the bTaskee standard procedures.

With a dedicated and responsible work ethic, bTaskee guarantees that your mattress will be thoroughly cleaned and refreshed, just like new. This ensures that you and your family will enjoy a deeper and more comfortable night’s sleep.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of specialized mattress cleaning equipment.

The bTaskee mattress cleaning team is equipped with modern machinery that serves the purpose of effective mattress cleaning. These machines come from reputable brands in the household cleaning equipment industry.

When it comes to cleaning solutions, bTaskee prioritizes the safety of your health. Therefore, the cleaning solutions we use are rigorously checked for their clear origins and safety credentials for use.

This is to provide trust and peace of mind to our customers when using our services mattress cleaning.

Price list of bTaskee’s at-home mattress cleaning service

bTaskee goes through a rigorous screening process and collaborates with reputable air conditioner cleaning companies with the shared goal of providing the best experience for customers. Therefore, the prices for bTaskee’s mattress cleaning service are very reasonable for customers. Below is the price list for basic services:

Size Price
Less than 1.5m 300,000VND
From 1.5m to 1.8m 350,000VND
Larger than 2m 430,000VND



  • Warranty is valid for 7 days from the completion of the services.
  • The prices listed here are for reference at the current time. Service prices may automatically adjust depending on the area, peak hours, and holidays.

How to Book Mattress Cleaning Services through the bTaskee App

To utilize all the convenient services offered by bTaskee, download the bTaskee app on your mobile device. Then, open the app and create an account using your phone number, and follow these steps to book mattress cleaning services.

Step 01: Select the service “Upholstery Cleaning”. Then click on “sofa cleaning”.  Choose your preferred work location that you’ve saved or enter a new one.

Screenshot 50

After downloading the app, access it and select the service.

Step 02: Input detailed task information (Mattress fabric type, quantity, time, etc and add any necessary notes if required.

Step 03: Choose your preferred work time.

Step 04: Review the task details. Click “Book” to complete the booking.

Within 30 minutes, our mattress cleaning partners will receive the task request and get in touch with you.

bTaskee  On-demand Home Service Application

bTaskee was founded with the vision of becoming a top-tier company in Vietnam and expanding its services throughout Southeast Asia, offering convenient home services. By incorporating technology into its operations, bTaskee provides a convenient service experience for every customer.

With over 7 years of operation, bTaskee has launched 14 services, including hourly: Home cleaning service, deep cleaning services, grocery assistance service, home cooking service, childcare services, laundry services, upholstery service, air – conditioning cleaning service, elderly care service, patient care service, disinfection service, housekeeping service, office cleaning service and washing machine cleaning service.

Screenshot 49

With over 7 years of operation, bTaskee has introduced 14 services.

With a workforce of over 10,000 Taskers, bTaskee has served more than 600.000 customers, successfully completed over 2.5M tasks, and accumulated more than 8M working hours. An impressive 97% of customers are satisfied and continue to use bTaskee’s services for repeat bookings.

As of March 2023, bTaskee is present in 13 cities in Vietnam and 7 cities in Thailand. Additionally, bTaskee is continuously expanding into the Southeast Asian market, including Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

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