Doing your own electrical work – such as changing an outlet or switch or installing new light fixtures – can be dangerous and expensive if done incorrectly.

There are handyman services that provide reliable service across wide areas with superior customer support, such as those listed here. Here are some tips for finding one. You just need to search handyman service near me and you will get the best options

Licensed and Insured

Provide your home or office with the proper maintenance staff is an essential element to keeping operations running smoothly. A professional handyman is ideally suited to perform various tasks from painting and furniture assembly, electrical repair and plumbing fixes through to installing tiles or drywall and tile work, fixing appliances like garbage disposals or dishwashers as well as hanging curtains/blinds/removing and installing window treatments and more.

Do you need help assembling that IKEA purchase or fixing that leaky faucet? With Handy’s platform of home builders and handymen who hold licenses or insurance to cover these tasks, finding what you need will never be an issue!

Some states impose limits on which types of jobs require licenses and insurance, so it’s wise to contact your Tasker prior to hiring them and confirm if they’re licensed and insured in your location. You could also ask them for references of past clients so you can assess their work quality.

Customer Service

Handy is one of America’s premier on-demand home services platforms and takes pride in ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with their experience. Their Handy Happiness Guarantee means if something goes amiss during a service appointment, if that occurs they will send another service provider at no extra charge to fix the problem and their 24/7 customer service team are there for assistance with booking changes and any questions or changes you might need help with.

Handy provides a range of services, from furniture assembly and plumbing repair to electrical work and painting projects. Their experienced technicians specialize in installing toilets, faucets and light fixtures along with hanging mirrors and shelves; installing new toilets if required – not to mention hanging them up! Plus they handle painting projects as well as repairs on drywall!

Darren Fuentes has over 25 years of experience as a handyman and prides himself on providing superior service for his customers and has gained an outstanding reputation within his local area. For five consecutive years, Darren has won Angie’s List Super Service Awards!

Reputation and Reviews

An excellent handyman service should have an impeccable track record and excellent reviews that vouch for their quality service. When selecting your handyman, be sure to obtain references from previous clients or consult online reviews in order to assess its reputation and quality of services provided. Also ensure they possess all of the appropriate credentials such as contractor licenses if applicable.

One factor that sets handyman services apart is their wide array of tasks they can complete. While some specialize in specific services like air conditioner repairs or installing ceiling fans, others offer general tasks like hanging pictures or mounting fans.

Handyman Connection stands out by offering a broad selection of services including deck and fence repair as well as plumbing and electrical work. Their convenient locations make this choice highly accessible; while their satisfaction guarantee provides added peace of mind. Handyman Connection is also popular among homeowners searching for experienced teams.


As handymen usually offer flat rates for their services, which often includes basic tools and materials for home repair projects, it is wise to inform them beforehand of any specialized materials you will require for your repair project if possible; otherwise they could waste both their time and yours by purchasing and returning extra supplies themselves.

Pricing must also include costs related to overhead expenses, such as truck or work vehicle lease costs, business license fees and training courses. Furthermore, any applicable taxes should also be taken into consideration.

Final costs associated with running your business include gas and maintenance for your vehicle, supplies and equipment such as hammers, screwdrivers or levels; plus any taxes. When added together with the minimum charge for services rendered, these operating expenses create your total price per service rendered – this may either be hourly billing or fixed rates depending upon job size.