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Cooke Maroney is a New York-based art dealer who is best known for being the fiancé of actress Jennifer Lawrence. He has made a name for himself in the art world, having worked for some of the biggest galleries in the city. Maroney has accumulated a net worth of $5 million through his successful career.

Cooke Maroney Net Worth

Cooke Maroney has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His primary source of income is his successful career as an art dealer. He has worked for some of the biggest galleries in New York, such as Gladstone Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, and David Zwirner Gallery. Maroney also owns his own gallery, Maroney Arts, which specializes in contemporary and modern art. In addition to his art dealing career, Maroney also earns money from investments and endorsements.

Biography, Wiki, Age

Cooke Maroney was born in 1986 in Vermont, USA. He is the son of James Maroney and Suki Fredericks. He has a sister named Annabelle Maroney. Maroney studied Art History at New York University and graduated in 2008. He started his career in the art world shortly after graduating.

Cars, House

Maroney drives a Range Rover and lives in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan. He recently purchased a $2 million home in Los Angeles. The property is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills.


Maroney started his career as an art dealer at the Gladstone Gallery in 2008. He then moved to Gagosian Gallery where he worked for two years. In 2013, Maroney joined David Zwirner Gallery as a director. He left the gallery in 2017 to launch his own gallery, Maroney Arts. The gallery specializes in contemporary and modern art. Maroney has also made appearances in several movies and TV shows, including “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Great Gatsby.”

Maroney has achieved success in the art world and has established himself as one of the most respected art dealers in New York. His net worth of $5 million comes from his successful career and investments. Maroney also owns his own gallery and has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Cooke Maroney is an American gallerist and art dealer who has taken the art world by storm with his inventive and creative approach to curation. With his innate passion for art and dedication to bringing more attention to the artwork of up and coming artists, Maroney has seen his own net worth and career grow exponentially.

Maroney was born in the United States and raised in Vermont and Rhode Island. He initially studied art history and studio art, but ultimately dropped out of college and began working as a gallerist.

Maroney’s career began to take off in the late 2000s when he started to work as an assistant curator at renowned galleries in New York City, such as Gagosian, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, and The Gladstone Gallery. During this period, he cultivated relationships with many influential artists and collectors, and soon became one of the most sought-after curators in the city.

Maroney quickly made a name for himself in the art world, and in 2011, he joined the prestigious music and art management firm, Leveraged Art Partners, as Vice President. Since then, he has become one of their most noteworthy curators, and they represent a handful of major names in the art world including Takashi Murakami, and John Currin.

Maroney’s influence in the art world has contributed vastly to his success and has helped to build his extraordinary net worth. His net worth is estimated at an impressive $4.5 million dollars.

Living the life of a successful gallerist, Maroney enjoys the finer things that life has to offer. He owns several expensive cars including a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a McLaren 600LT. He also owns a huge house in the exclusive Hamptons area of Long Island.

At the age of 34, Maroney has already achieved a high level of success in the art world and is considered to be one of the brightest art dealers to emerge in recent years. Despite his success, Maroney is still committed to curating artwork which speaks to him, while fostering the careers of young, innovative artists.

It’s clear that Maroney’s success and influence in the art world shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His impressive financial wealth, luxurious lifestyle, and dedication to the promotion of art make Cooke Maroney an industry icon worth emulating.