Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl) Lyrics

Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl) is a catchy country-pop song released in 2019. Written and performed by Dylan Scott, the song is a lyrical commentary on the difficulties of being a one-woman man. It’s an upbeat, catchy tune with a relatable message.

Overview of "Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)"

Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl) is a mid-tempo song about a man’s struggle to stay faithful to one woman. The song opens with a catchy guitar riff and Dylan Scott’s smooth, country-inflected vocals. The song follows the story of a man who is struggling to stay faithful to the one woman he loves, despite the temptation of other women. He’s determined to remain true to his one and only, and he encourages his friend to do the same by finding a girl of his own. The chorus is an upbeat, catchy hook that drives home the message that it’s not always easy to stay faithful, but it’s worth the effort.

Analysis of Lyrics

The first verse paints a vivid picture of a man in love and determined to stay true to his one and only. He sings, "I’m a one-woman man, I’m gonna do my best / To keep the promise that I made to her, yeah." He’s determined to keep his promise to his one and only, no matter how hard it might be.

The chorus is the song’s most memorable part, with its catchy melody and relatable message. He sings, "I can’t have mine, so find you a girl / Find you a girl to take care of you, yeah." He’s encouraging his friend to find someone of his own, instead of trying to take his girl away from him.

The second verse is a bit more lighthearted, as Dylan Scott sings about his own struggles with temptation. He croons, "I’m trying to stay strong, but it ain’t easy, no / Got a million honeybees buzzing around me, yeah." He’s trying his best to stay faithful to his one and only, but the temptation of other women is always there.

The bridge of the song brings the message home, as Dylan Scott sings about the importance of staying faithful. He sings, "Gotta keep it real, don’t let it slip away / Gotta keep it true, don’t let it fade away." The bridge emphasizes the importance of remaining loyal to one’s partner, no matter how

The country music singer and songwriter Dylan Scott recently released the official music video for his fourth single, “Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)” from his album ‘Nothing To Do Town’. The song is all about the pains and joys of a relationship that has just ended and longing for the one who got away.

The lyrics of the song are heartfelt and emotional. They focus on the idea of being head over heels in love, but in the end having to let go of the one you love and having to find a new girl. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of desperation and longing as the protagonist is trying to hold onto love that was once there;

”Oh baby, don’t let me make a fool out of me

I still remember how to love believe me

I’m convince you got the best of me

So go and find you a new girl

And don’t you come back around here on me.”

The chorus of the song points out that you should never give up on love and fight to get what you want:

“If you really want her

Fight for what you want her

Don’t just take what you can get

I don’t care how bad it hurts

You can’t have mine (find you a girl)”

The song explores how love can be so powerful yet in the end it cannot be monopolized. It talks about the pain of having to accept that the relationship is over and learning to move on and find a new girl.

Overall, “Can’t Have Mine (Find you a Girl)” is a song that is full of raw emotion and emphasizes the importance of never giving up on love. Dylan Scott’s heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing vocals makes it an anthem of heartbreak and hope.