As a leading entity in the online betting sector, Fun88 constantly strives to provide a safe betting environment and supports players to engage in responsible and positive betting. Let’s explore Fun88’s responsible betting policy to understand their experience, professionalism, and reliability.

Fun88’s Responsible Betting Policy

  • Support for Responsible Betting

Fun88 is committed to fully supporting its customers in responsible betting. With the aim of encouraging considerate betting practices, FUN88 provides useful tools and features, such as:

  • Self-Assessment: Customers can evaluate their risk level when betting and set their own limits.
  • Limit Settings: Fun88 allows customers to set limits on their bets, playtime, and other limits to control their betting activity.
  • Temporary or Permanent Suspension: If customers feel they are having problems with responsible betting, Fun88 provides a function to temporarily or permanently suspend or self-exclude.
  • Protection of Minors

One of Fun88’s significant commitments is to protect children and minors from illegal betting activities. Fun88 has strict regulations on the minimum age for betting on Fun88 (21 years and above) and implements measures to ensure only those of legal age can access their betting services.

  • Age Verification: Fun88 requires customers to provide their date of birth to ensure they are of legal age to bet. They also use verification measures to ensure the accuracy of this information.
  • Access Restrictions: Fun88 has technical measures to prevent children and minors from accessing their website and betting services.
  • Counseling and support for responsible betting

For customers who need advice or support in responsible betting, Fun88 also provides useful tools and information sources, including:

  • Customer Service: Fun88 has an enthusiastic customer service team knowledgeable about issues related to responsible betting. Customers can contact this team for advice and support.
  • Guidance Documents: Fun88 provides detailed guidance documents on responsible betting, including information about risks and control measures.
  • Useful Links: Fun88 provides links to organizations that support and advise on responsible betting issues. Customers can seek help from these sources if necessary.
  • Ensuring safety and personal information security

In Fun88’s responsible betting policy, the safety and security of customers’ personal information are top priorities. Fun88 applies robust protection measures to ensure that customer’s personal information is protected and not leaked.

  • Data Encryption: Fun88 uses powerful encryption technology to protect customers’ personal information from unauthorized access.
  • Privacy Policy: Fun88 has a detailed privacy policy describing how they collect, use, and protect customers’ personal information.
  • Staff Checks: Fun88 ensures that employees with access to customers’ personal information only work for necessary purposes and comply with privacy regulations. They also train employees to understand their privacy rights and responsibilities in protecting personal information.


Fun88’s responsible betting policy is a clear testament to the professionalism and credibility of this website towards its customers. Fun88 commits to delivering a fun, safe, and trustworthy betting playground. Enjoy the thrill of the games and the joy of participating on this leading betting website.