If you’ve ever heard the term ‘you are what you eat’, you might already understand the importance of what you put into your body. That isn’t to say that if you eat nothing but pork you’ll become a pig, but it does mean that your body will adopt the properties of the components within this type of meat, i.e. higher levels of fatty cells and a slower metabolism. The same can be said for what you drink, in fact, beverages are much easier to digest and as a result, your body will utilise the ingredients much more rapidly than it does with food. In an effort to promote health and well-being, many people are turning to ‘functional beverages’ and as it might not be clear what these drinks are, and what they could do for you and your body, here’s our guide on what you need to know.

What Are Functional Beverages?

In a nutshell, they are a type of drink that prioritises functionality and enjoyment, over simple enjoyment, as is often the case with artificially flavoured drinks. Any reliable functional beverage manufacturer that knows what they are doing will tell you that the benefits of these kinds of drinks are astounding. Often packed with vitamins, minerals and useful supplements including amino acids, fibre and even probiotics, these consumables are considered some of the most beneficial as far as your health is concerned.

Are They All the Same?

Certainly not, in fact with the latest advances in manufacturing, it’s possible to come up with a wide variety of unique flavours, all of which will have been sourced from the most nutritious options, allowing you to drink from a wide range and relax in the knowledge that you’ve consumed healthy goodness in its natural form. This is why so many health enthusiasts are turning to functional beverages instead of typical cans of soda, soft drinks and concentrated fruit juices.

A little-known fact is that even when a drink claims to be made from 100% concentrated juice, the process that the liquid undergoes actually removes most, if not all nutrition, even if it retains the taste of fresh fruit. Functional beverages on the other hand negate this concern by harnessing the power of the ingredients that go into the drink, and then providing them in their most natural form. As a result, the consumer is able to enjoy the pleasant taste, while their body takes full advantage of the health-enhancing benefits contained within.

Functional beverages are so much more than just a drink. Yes, they can be enjoyed as with most types of drinks, but they are so much more than just a pleasing taste. Packed with vitamins and minerals that are so much easier to digest than food, and available in a great variety of flavours, they can be enjoyed on the go, at the office, in the morning to provide a boost to your metabolism, or in between sets at the gym to take full advantage of the healthy potential. When paired with a clean diet and plenty of exercise and activity, they can help to promote general well-being and are the ideal replacement for cheaper, chemical-filled soft drinks.