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Gladys Knight is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her string of hits recorded in the 1970s and 1980s, including the Grammy-winning single, “Midnight Train to Georgia.” With a career spanning over 50 years, Knight has sold over 28 million records worldwide. As of 2020, Gladys Knight Net Worth is estimated to be around $28 million.

Gladys Knight: Net Worth

Gladys Knight has an estimated net worth of $28 million as of 2020. She earned her wealth from her successful singing and acting career. She has released several hit singles, albums and performed on Broadway for over five decades. She has also appeared in several films and television shows. She also has her own clothing line and a successful restaurant in Atlanta.

Gladys Knight: Biography & Career

Gladys Maria Knight was born on May 28, 1944, in Atlanta, Georgia. She began singing at the age of four with her siblings in the gospel group The Pips. The group went on to become one of the most successful R&B acts of all time. In 1973, they released their first hit single, “Midnight Train to Georgia,” which won a Grammy Award. They also had several other hits over the years, including “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me.”

Knight has also enjoyed a successful solo career, releasing several hit singles, including “That’s What Friends Are For” and “Love Overboard.” She has also released several albums, including “Good Woman” and “At Last.” In addition to her music career, Knight has appeared in several films and television shows, including the movie “The Color Purple” and the television series “Living Single.”

Knight has also ventured into the business world, launching her own clothing line and a restaurant in Atlanta. She is also a member of the Recording Academy and a founding member of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Gladys Knight has had an impressive career spanning over 50 years. She has sold over 28 million records worldwide and has won several awards, including a Grammy Award. As of 2020, Gladys Knight’s net worth is estimated to be around $28 million.

Gladys Knight is a legendary American singer and songwriter with a net worth of $28 million. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in May 1944, Knight began singing with her cousin, Brenda Knight, and sister, Elenor Guest, in the group Gladys Knight & the Pips when she was four years old. She has produced 11 studio albums and scored nine top 10 hits in the U.S., including the #1 single “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

Knight’s career has spanned six decades already, making her one of the most sought after performers in the music industry. She has recorded over 30 albums and charted 40 singles, including seven U.S. #1’s and 20 R&B Top Ten hits. She has also appeared in several films and television series.

Knight has earned a number of awards and recognitions throughout her career, including 11 Grammy Awards, a BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and a 2017 Hollywood Walk of Fame star. She was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1998.

To supplement her music career, Knight has also been involved in a variety of business ventures, having been a partner in a number of soul-food restaurants in Cincinnati and Atlanta. According to, as of 2021 her total net worth is estimated to be $28 million.

In terms of her personal life, Knight has been married three times, including to Barry Hankerson from 1974–79, Les Brown from 1981–85, and William McDowell from 1995 to the present. She has seven children, including son Shanga and daughter Kenya Moore, who have both followed in their mother’s footsteps and achieved success in the entertainment industry.

In her retirement, Knight continues to maintain her celebrity status and remains an active philanthropist. She is involved with a number of charities, including the Music Matters Foundation, the United Negro College Fund, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Through her music, Knight has made her mark in history and will always remain a beloved and timeless icon.