Face recognition technology has received a great deal of praise and attention in recent years. But why? It has proven to be one of the promising solutions in the image analysis sector, and this is expected to continue in the next decades. Behind these efforts, there is face detection which accounts for a huge part of the task involved in facial recognition procedures.

If you have never used a face recognition system and want to know what it’s and how it functions, there is no need to worry. While there are many face recognition online free systems that you can try out, this article will help you understand everything before accessing any demo version. Keep reading to discover more.

What is Face Recognition?

Face recognition is a technology that helps identify and verify a person through a video, an image or a live capture. It’s a biometric identification method that uses face features to identify and verify a person through its algorithms.

A face recognition system gathers unique biometric data of individuals associated with their faces and facial expression to recognise, verify and authenticate a person.

How Does Face Recognition Work?

Face recognition involves three main steps, which include detection, analysis, and recognition. Detection allows the system to identify a face in a video or an image.

Supported by computer vision, a facial recognition system can detect and identify separate faces from a single image containing many individuals. It can capture data in different profiles, including front and side faces.

The face recognition system uses computer vision to identify places, things and people in photos or videos with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy above human levels. Using artificial intelligence technology, computer vision automates data extraction, classification and analysis, as well as understanding crucial information from a photo or video.

When it comes to analysis, the system analyses the face image. The system maps and reads facial expressions and geometry. As it maps and reads, it identifies facial features and landmarks that are vital when it comes to distinguishing a person’s face from other objects.

Face recognition utilises different face features, including the contour of the chin, ears and lips, cheekbones shape, eye socket depth, mouth and nose distance, chin and forehead distance and distance between eyes.

How Can SkyBiometry Help With Face Recognition?

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