The corporate training market was valued at $46.22 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.77% during the forecast period.

Every great firm has a fantastic team. Many firms attempt to foster an inclusive culture, a sense of community, and a sense of shared purpose. Employees will feel more valued and appreciated as a result of this.

A terrific employee training video is an excellent approach to beginning a training program. Yet, great staff training videos do not appear out of nowhere. We’ll go over some pointers for creating a memorable staff training video.

Continue reading to find out how to make a great employee training video.

What Exactly Is a Training Video?

It is used to instruct or educate employees on workplace procedures and standards. They are an excellent method of communicating your expectations for your personnel and their jobs. Customer service training movies can teach staff how to conduct their jobs.

They can also tell your employees about company policies and how to follow them. A training video is a video to teach your staff crucial facts related to their employment with your company.

Define Your Training Goals

Before the video production process begins, you must determine your training objectives. A good employee training video necessitates careful planning. Determine the skills or knowledge you want your staff to gain from the video.

It will assist you in creating focused and targeted data, ensuring the training video achieves its goal.

Recognize Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is critical for creating a compelling training video. Consider its demographics, work titles, and prior understanding of the issue. Ensure your material is tailored to their needs and resonates with their experience.

You will boost the relevance and efficacy of your video by doing so.

Prepare Your Script and Content

It should entail researching the topic to be discussed. It manages existing videos and lessons and writes a script of the message you want to convey.
Creating an outline for the material in your video is critical for preserving structure and flow.

Divide the training content into logical sections that address a single topic or idea. Create a script that is concise, clear, and entertaining. Avoid employing refined jargon and instead use English that your staff can understand.

Make Use of Visual and Audio Elements

Visuals are crucial aspects to making your training video engaging and memorable. These include:

  • images
  • animations
  • pictures
  • graphs
  • diagrams
  • animated visuals

It assists and enhances awareness of the details.

Use the right background music or voice-over narration. It might help you create a fantastic employee training film. Visuals should be used whenever possible to explain the essential concepts or ideas conveyed in the movie.

Audio elements can also be utilized to augment pictures. Use a professional voice-over when integrating audio into a training video to guarantee that the tone and message stay consistent and compelling.

You can look for and listen to a female voice over actress with a high-quality voice. You need a professional spokesperson to help your company succeed. Quality audio is powerful and effective, and it is an essential component of communicating your message today.

Use music to segue from one concept to the next and to attract attention to essential areas. It may be an excellent way to introduce new information or reinforce old statements.

Keep It Short and Easy to Understand

A successful staff training video should be brief and easy to understand. Reduce your material to the most crucial parts that can recall the knowledge as efficiently as possible. Divide the video into pieces, and keep each section concise and to the point.

Make the text on the screenshot read along while watching. Ensure that your audience is interested in and understands the subject. The following suggestions will ensure staff receive the most efficient and effective training possible.

Long, boring videos can cause disengagement and reduce learning retention. Divide complex ideas into smaller, more understandable chunks. Aim for a video duration that is good for the subject matter, which should be between 5 and 10 minutes.

Use Real-World Scenarios and Examples

It is one approach to improving the efficacy of your training video. Employees can connect theory to practice by using relatable scenarios. It makes training content more meaningful and practical for their day-to-day job.

To illustrate concepts and encourage active learning, use case studies, demonstrations, or simulations. Creating a good staff training video involves careful planning and strategic thinking. Include real-world scenarios and examples whenever possible.

It ensures employee involvement and content absorption. Place the most impressive and crucial stuff at the beginning and end of the film to guarantee that it is compelling from beginning to end.

Interactivity and Assessments Should Be Included

It encourages active involvement and reinforces learning. It can contain quizzes, knowledge tests, or mini-assessments. These interactive aspects engage employees. It also provides rapid feedback on their comprehension of the topic.

Simple animations and tasks can be used to reinforce the video’s message. It measures the viewer’s understanding of the information. It keeps viewers interested by allowing them to make choices.

Assessments determine how much information the viewer retained from the video. It can be used to track progress in more extensive company training programs. Interactivity and assessments are essential for developing a fine training video.

Improve Distribution and Accessibility

Ensure that all workers have easy access to your employee training video. Use video hosting solutions that support a wide range of devices and formats. It should be provided for a more significant grasp.

It is also equipped for employees with hearing impairments or language issues. Consider incorporating the video into your learning management system. It ensures even distribution and tracking.

Creating a Great Employee Training Video

Creating a great employee training video is an ideal way to equip your workers with engaging experiences. You may provide the skills and information they need to flourish in their professions. Accept the possibilities of training videos for employees to create organizational growth and success.

Begin creating your employee training video today, and watch your business grow!

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