“My poochie reliably responds to my call except when we’re somewhere outside.” Sounds familiar?

This situation causes much frustration for puppy owners and poses a significant risk if the four-legged baby refuses to go to the owner when there’s a potential danger. Luckily, there are measures owners can take to train their pooches to instill faith that returning to them when called can be more rewarding during an outing.

Teach your pet to come to you when called; however, consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ just in case anything unfortunate happens. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance, so your frisky pup is covered for basic health benefits at all times.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn why fur babies respond poorly to their owner’s calls in an outdoor setting and how to resolve it.

The most common reason why a furry precious doesn’t come to its owner when somewhere outside, like a dog park, is because it has learned that there may be no benefit in doing so.

Your pup might have already realized that responding to your “come” command at the park typically results in being leashed and separated from its happy-go-lucky canine companions.


Canine pets learn from the consequences of their actions and are driven by the desire to seek positive outcomes.

When a puppy’s behavior is rewarded with a positive outcome, it motivates it to repeat that action. Conversely, if its behavior leads to an unpleasant consequence, the puppy is less likely to repeat it.

To ensure your fur companion’s and others’ safety in an outdoor location, you should teach it the recall command.

Recall training

When it comes to recall training, the objective is to ensure that the outcome of returning to you is highly enjoyable for Fido. Consider what your pet truly loves—treats, balls, stuffed toys, discs, or any preferred item and use it as a reward for coming to you. Bring that enticing item to the park and practice the below recall training sequence.

  1. To begin with, ensure your four paws is on a leash in a less distracting area of the park. With an upbeat tone, use the command “Come!” and start running a short distance away from it, enticing it to chase you. Once your pupper reaches you, reward it for a successful recall by giving a treat or tossing its favorite ball. Repeat this on-leash game as a pleasant surprise multiple times during the walk.
  2. Pick a long rope and take your pooch for a walk in a less distracting park zone. When your pet is at the end of the line, use the command “come” and quickly move a few steps away from it. Once it reaches you, reward it with praise and treats, expressing your excitement for exhibiting appropriate behavior. After that, allow the pup to resume sniffing or playing. Repeat this exercise often during the walk when your dog least expects it.

Incorporate recall training into enjoyable activities rather than using it as a sign to end the fun, so your dog can cultivate a positive association. This approach helps strengthen the bond between you and your fur baby while ensuring their responsiveness to the recall command.

Nevertheless, consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ because outdoor environments bring with them many more risks than indoor scenarios. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance so that getting medical assistance need not be a significant economic trouble during accidental injuries, sickness, and health emergencies.