Fight burnout.

TimeChi for individuals
TimeChi aims to put an end to burnout in the workplace of the future.
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Supercharge your productivity

Make every second count with TimeChi, a groundbreaking productivity tool designed to get you into deep work fast, with no interruptions and distractions.
A simple button to rule them all. TimeChi brings deep work and the Pomodoro method into the future of work.
For far too long, people have been battling burnout at work. TimeChi aims to prevent and reverse the symptoms of occupational burnout. No more late nights.

Immerse yourself in deep work

Experience focus and concentration like never before with the world’s smartest productivity tool.

Be in control

Constant interruptions make us less happy and less productive. Completing every TimeChi cycle is hugely satisfying - even addictive. It may soon be the biggest driver of happiness for you at work.
TimeChi is a time tracking device that sits on your work desk.
TimeChi runs on an app on your smartphone to help stop digital noise from affecting your focus and productivity.

Get sh*t done

Reduce procrastination and bill your time accurately with an in-built time tracker.

Deep work from anywhere

Lightweight and portable. Wifi and Bluetooth supported. 13 hour battery life.
Burnout is now classified as a diagnosable chronic stress syndrome in the workplace by the World Health Organization (WHO).
TimeChi helps to reduce procrastination at work.

Your professional productivity coach

Boost creativity and train for peak mental performance with your very own personalized analytics dashboard.

Eyes on the prize

Never miss a cycle with TimeChi’s functional and ergonomic display.


Blocks digital noise and distractions such as email alerts, incoming calls, instant messenger notifications and time-wasting websites

Traffic light

Serves as a traffic light display to tell others when you’re in deep work, and when to come back
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  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 89mm x 86mm x 50mm
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 13 hours battery life
  • Sharp LED color display
  • Compatible with the TimeChi-e
TimeChi aims to stop burnout at work - so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time being unproductive in the office.
Find your focus with TimeChi. It's the perfect work accessory for your work desk and office.

Time Chi-e

TimeChi-e is a secondary screen that syncs with your personal TimeChi device to show when you’re busy and when it’s safe for colleagues and friends to come knocking. TimeChi-e is fully wireless, and attaches to your door, wall or cubicle.
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TimeChi App

Fully customizable

Fully customizable - personalize the duration of your focus and break cycles, choose the type of notifications or alerts to unblock.

Personalized analytics

Access your very own performance analytics dashboard to understand your working style, distractors and motivators.

Over the air easy updates

Supports Over the Air (OTA) updates to enhance functionality, making it easier to introduce new features.
TimeChi app is available for download on Apple App Store.TimeChi app is available for download on Android Google Play Store.
Download the TimeChi app and block digital distractions from your smartphone and track your productivity anywhere, anytime.

It’s time.

Start using TimeChi as a stand-alone device or take advantage of our best-selling annual Pro subscription
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1 TimeChi + 30-day app trial

12-month warranty for any manufacturer defects (minus shipping costs and any customs/taxes

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For Teams

Enterprise level roll-out for larger teams.

Bulk discounts.
24/7 dedicated account manager support.

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TimeChi Pro

Hardware and app subscription starting at $9.99 a month plus a small one-off set-up payment.

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