With many new fast charging stations coming online each week and coverage expanding into more areas, range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past. Using the “Charging Stations Near Me” map, you can see exactly where the closest fast charging stations are, the types of chargers available, and whether they are currently in use. Filter by connector types like CCS or CHAdeMO and plan your route to be sure your EV is charged when you need it.

Forget circling the block hoping to find an available charger. Take the guesswork out of your trips in an electric vehicle and rely on Electrly’s fast ev charging stations near me page to keep you on the move. The future of electric transportation is here, and with it comes the freedom to go where you want to go.

The Growth of Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

Electrly is leading the way in making fast EV charging convenient, affordable and widely accessible. Their coast-to-coast network of cutting-edge fast charging stations provides the infrastructure needed to enable mass EV adoption. For drivers seeking an effortless transition to electric, Electrly has you covered.

Rapid Charging Technology

Electrly’s fast charging stations utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide the quickest charge possible for your electric vehicle. Our fast chargers deliver up to 350 kW of power, enabling compatible EVs to charge at speeds of up to 20 miles of range per minute of charging. The latest fast charging advancements allow Electrly to stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of the newest long-range EVs entering the market.

Widespread Locations

With over 5,000 fast charging stations situated along major highway routes and in urban centers across North America, Europe and Asia, Electrly makes public charging simple and convenient. Our fast charging plazas, located near retail centers, dining and entertainment options, provide additional amenities for customers to enjoy while their EVs charge quickly. You can easily find an Electrly fast charging location along your journey using our mobile app or website’s ‘charging stations near me’ feature.

Reliable and Redundant

Electrly’s fast charging stations are designed to provide maximum uptime and a seamless customer experience. Built with redundant power cabinets and cooling systems, our chargers can continue operating even if certain components require maintenance. 24/7 customer support and monitoring allows our network operations center to respond quickly in the event of any issues. With an uptime guarantee of 98% and average charge session rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, you can rely on Electrly for a quick, hassle-free charge whenever you need it.

Overall, Electrly aims to alleviate range anxiety for EV drivers by developing cutting-edge fast charging technology, expanding our network to more locations, and ensuring maximum reliability and customer satisfaction. We hope you will consider us for your fast charging needs as you transition to electric mobility.

Locate EV Charging Stations Near You in 3 Easy Steps

Locating EV charging stations near you is simple with Electrly’s helpful online map. In just three easy steps, you can find a fast charging station compatible with your electric vehicle.

Check Electrly’s Charging Station Map

Electrly provides an interactive map on their website showing all available EV charging stations in your area. Zoom in on your current location or enter an address to see stations within a few miles of you. The map details each station’s charging speeds, plug types, availability and fees. With many fast charging and level 2 options, you’re sure to find a station that meets your needs.

Filter by Plug Type and Speed

Use the filters on the left side of the map to narrow down stations by plug type (CCS, CHAdeMO or J1772), charging level (level 2, fast charging) and network (Electrify America, EVgo, etc.). Selecting your EV’s plug type and desired charging speed will display only compatible stations. The map updates in real time as you adjust the filters.

Get Directions and Details

Once you’ve located a convenient and compatible station, click on its map pin to view the address, directions and additional details like the number of ports, exact speeds, availability and any access fees. Many fast charging stations offer charging at no cost for the first 30 minutes. With the station details and built-in navigation, you’ll be charging your EV in no time.

In summary, Electrly’s charging station map makes it simple to find an EV charging station with the right plugs and speeds for your electric vehicle. Their interactive map displays stations near you, allows filtering by key attributes and provides the details you need to start charging right away. For environmentally-friendly drivers, Electrly offers a convenient solution to keep your EV charged on the go.

FAQs About Using Public EV Charging Stations

To utilize public EV charging stations, it is important to understand some key factors about how they operate. As an EV owner, being aware of the details below will ensure you have a seamless experience charging your vehicle on the go.

Different Connectors

Public charging stations offer different types of connectors to accommodate various EV models. The most common connectors are CHAdeMO, CCS Combo, and Tesla. Check which connector your EV uses before charging to avoid compatibility issues. Electrly stations offer CHAdeMO and CCS Combo connectors to support most EV models.

Payment Methods

The majority of public charging stations require payment to activate a charging session. Payment options include credit/debit cards, mobile payments, subscription plans, and pay-as-you-go options. Some networks like Electrly offer smartphone apps to easily activate and pay for charging.

Charging Speeds

Public charging stations supply power at different rates, from Level 2 (3-7 kW) up to DC fast charging (50 kW and above). Choose a station that meets your needs – for a quick top-up while out and about or for longer charges. Electrly’s fast charging stations provide 50-350 kW charging, adding up to 200 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Station Availability

While the number of public charging stations is growing rapidly, some locations may still see high demand at times. Whenever possible, check a station’s availability and current wait times through the network’s mobile app before arriving. As an industry leader, Electrly aims to provide an extensive network with minimal wait times.

Public EV charging continues to become more convenient and accessible. By understanding the factors above regarding connectors, payment, charging speeds and station availability, you will be on the road to confidently and comfortably charging your EV when out in public. Check out Electrly’s website or mobile app to locate fast charging stations near you.


As you’ve learned, finding convenient and fast EV charging locations is critical to embracing an electric vehicle lifestyle. With Electrly’s large network of charging stations across the country, you’ll never be far from a fast charge. Simply enter your current location into their Charging Stations Near Me tool to find the closest fast charging options.

Within minutes, you can locate available fast chargers along your route or near your destination. You’ll see details for each station like the number of fast chargers, available payment methods, and amenities at the location. With Electrly, you have the freedom to go where you want knowing there’s a fast charge waiting for you when you need it. Again, the open road is calling – will you answer? Discover how Electrly can keep you moving at the speed of life. The future of transportation is electric, and the future is here.