Why Proper Packaging is Vital for Safe Transportation of Goods

Proper packaging ensures the safety of the goods or products from bumps and jerks that occur during shipping or transportation. It insulates the product against possible damages to deliver it to the end user in a proper and intact condition.

It also makes storing the product at warehouses easier without sustaining any damages due to the weather, harsh handling, rodents, or other unpleasant conditions prevalent at the warehouse.

Proper white box packaging of products using bubble wrap confirms the safe conveyance and delivery of products to any part of the world.

Prime Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps for Packaging

After being invented in 1960, bubble wrap has become the go-to and most versatile packing material for packing and shipping all kinds of goods. Almost all businesses use packaging supplies with bubble wrap to safely transport their products to customers worldwide.

They are predominantly used to ship delicate or fragile items of all sizes without the risk of getting broken or damaged. It also saves the business and the customers from losses due to the disfigurement of expensive products while transportation or delivery to the assigned destination.

Among all the other packing options, bubble wrap has established itself as the most preferred one due to the following specifications and benefits:

Protecting Items from Shocks and Damages during Transportation

It safeguards products from all kinds of pressures and impacts. The air bubbles present on the packaging sheets provide cushioning against the bumps and rough handling. It can be layered twice or thrice to provide sturdier protection against the shocks and vibrations experienced during transit.

Cost-effective Alternative for Shipping and Packaging

Bubble wrap is a cost-effective packaging alternative for products meant to be shipped or transported to remote places. It is readily available at affordable prices and does not need expensive machines or installations for practical usage. You can easily wrap the products to your satisfaction and be assured of their intact delivery.

It is highly beneficial for small businesses that use small boxes for shipping.

Suitable for Custom Packaging of All Kinds of Products

Unlike other packing materials and boxes, it does not come in standard sizes or customized packages. The bubble wrap roll can be used to wrap products of any measurement. It can be cut into desirable sizes to fit the product and cover it from all sides. After securing the product with bubble wrap, you can put it in any cardboard or white box packaging of your choice.

Can Be Easily Reused and Recycled

It does not become unusable or defective after single or multiple uses. They can be conveniently reused repeatedly as packaging supplies until the air bubbles are intact and in proper shape and condition. Even after losing their usability, they can be easily recycled. These qualities make the bubble wrap environment-friendly and even more cost-effective.

Suitable for Fuss-free and Time Efficient Packaging

As discussed earlier, you do not need heavy installations to use bubble wrap, making it convenient and less time-consuming to pack your products. Wrapping a product in it can be done easily and instantly without any fuss or complications.

Provides Lightweight and Impermeable Protection to Products

Another significant benefit of using bubble wrap is that it is lightweight, therefore, does not add any extra weight to the entire package or the product. It helps in making the handling and transportation of the product more accessible and convenient. Because of being light in weight, it also saves you from paying hefty shipping charges, especially on using small boxes for shipping.

Since it is made of plastic, it also enhances the product’s safety by being impermeable to water, air, dust, or dirt. The product remains clean, new, untouched, and undamaged throughout the entire transit duration once it has been securely wrapped in bubble wrap.

How to Use Bubble Wrap to Maximize Its Benefits

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using bubble wrap, it is also essential for you to know the right way to use it for maximum benefit:

  • The first thing to know is that the bubble side should be inside, facing the product or item.
  • Measure the overall size of the product and cut a piece of bubble wrap accordingly. Make sure the wrap is big enough to cover the object properly.
  • If the item is delicate, fragile, and easily breakable, make sure to use multiple layers of the wrap. Do not hesitate to use the wrap generously to ensure the product’s safety.
  • Seal the wrapped product with tape properly from all sides and corners. It will increase the efficiency of the bubble wrap packaging and will prevent the product from slipping out of the wrap during transportation.
  • Now you can place the product in suitable cardboard or white box packaging.


The numerous advantages have made bubble wrap an essential component of secure and substantial packaging. Qualities like convenient usage and cost-efficiency have made them preferable and ideal for businesses of all kinds and sizes. They ensure safe and durable protection of the products on the go.