Top Ecommerce Apps for Inspiration In 2023

Nothing sounds more convenient than purchasing at the comfort of your couch. The thought that you don’t need to commute and spend time looking around for what you want is fulfilling. Currently, people are increasingly embracing eCommerce, which includes making online purchases.  

Several companies have come up with various platforms that enable them to make the best out of eCommerce. Besides websites, companies are increasingly using apps to reach out to their customers. Apps are software that one can download to access products and services of the company that owns it. You can buy almost anything you need using apps.

Given the high number of apps that companies have developed, what information do you need about them?

Common eCommerce apps

1. Wholesale and retail

You can buy single or bulk items using eCommerce apps. The apps connect a company to another company or a business to its customers. The apps feature virtual carts and catalogs. All one needs to do is select an item, place an order, and plan its delivery. Some companies deliver items free of charge.

2. Finance

Today, finance and eCommerce have merged. Almost every company that offers financial services employs eCommerce in its operations. For example, a banking app can help you check your balance, make a deposit, pay a bill, withdraw cash, and carry several other transactions using eCommerce apps.

Online trading is also one of the beneficiaries of eCommerce apps. You can make a deposit, buy or sell stocks, and get your performance reports using the apps.

3. Manufacturing

Ecommerce apps enable manufacturing companies to carry out an electronic exchange. The companies can buy, sell, check their market performance analysis, and manage their inventory using the apps. Overall, the apps make the operations of any manufacturing company seamless and fluid.

4. Auctioning

Ecommerce apps enable people to participate in an auction remotely. They can place their bids online and then later ship their goods to their location. Auctioneers get a large audience using eCommerce apps. For this reason, the apps facilitate more negotiation making an auction event successful.

5. Marketing

Companies use eCommerce apps to improve their customer experience. The apps help a company strengthen its relationship with its customers, display the features of its products, and get feedback to improve its products and services.

Companies also use eCommerce apps to promote their business. They post advertisements and provide crucial information about their products and services. Last, the apps help companies to call their customers to action. Some of the apps support making direct sales, and users can place their orders using the apps.

4. Online shopping

Currently, there is a call for every business to adopt eCommerce to succeed in its operations. Online shopping is trending, and it will remain relevant into an unforeseeable future. So, online shopping is not a quick fire that will end soon.

For this reason, eCommerce apps have become a favorite of almost everyone. You can see the features of a product and see whether the product will meet your needs. Online shopping is convenient, and companies that adopt it have become successful.

5. Online booking

Ecommerce apps have made travel and tourism thrive. You can now reserve a room, book a flight, view tourism packages, and reserve park tickets using an app. All you will need to do on the traveling day is to carry your personal effects. With eCommerce apps, you can manage to plan your holiday or vacation ahead of time.

6. Online publishing

Gone are the days when you had to visit a library to read a book. You can now read several books using eCommerce apps. You can also access newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals using an app on your smartphone.

Besides accessing almost any reading material, eCommerce apps that support online publishing are environmentally friendly. Bookmakers no longer cut trees to make physical books. For this reason, eBooks and online publishing have gained significant popularity.

7. Translation

The internet has made the world a global village. So, people have to coexist. However, you cannot ignore cultural differences, including languages. People from different regions speak different languages. For any business to thrive internationally, there is a need for language translation.

Currently, there are several language translation providers, including the website localization services. The providers help one to translate their apps, files, and documents. So, doing an international business has become easy. Additionally, translation can take place in real-time. You can have your conversation with an international client translated as you speak or chat.

8. Health

Currently, e-health has become popular. People can order prescriptions, get diagnoses, and book a visit to a physician online. Additionally, doctors can monitor the health of their patients remotely using an app. Such apps reduce the time taken to make a physical visit to a doctor. They also minimize patient mobility, especially for patients with walking problems.

Top eCommerce apps that inspired people in 2023


Sephora is a cosmetics and beauty retailing company. It operates in 30 countries, and it has over 1,750 outlets. The company has an app that it uses to transform its customer experience. The app has over 2 million downloads. Besides supporting purchases, the app has a gift and loyalty card program.

You can also rate and review the company’s products from the app. Importantly, you can test some of the company’s products using the Sephora virtual artist feature on the app.


Boxed is an American-based wholesale retailer company. It sells household products and groceries in bulk. You do not need any membership fee to download and use the Boxed app. You can also download the app on your smartphone. So, you can place your family order while traveling abroad for a business meeting.

Boxed also has curated shopping lists. For example, you can view items that you need to shop when going for a vacation. Better still, you can adjust the shopping lists. The app also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict when you will run out of stock. The app sends a reminder for you to restock an item that is just about to go out of stock. Last, the app shows any offers and deals that are in the sale section.


Glasses app belongs to Warby Parker. The company offers medical eyeglasses and sunglasses. Initially, you could order and try physical eyeglasses free of charge from the company. The advent of eCommerce apps improved the operation module of the company.

You can now order and try virtual glasses before placing an order. The app takes a map of your face and recommends the best pair of glasses to buy.


Nike has prioritized changing customer tastes and preferences. The company has merged its digital and physical environments to personalize its customer experience. So, the Nike app blends smartphone technology with physical shopping.

When using the app, you can view a product in real-time and make a same-day reservation. Afterward, you get a pushup message that your product is ready for picking. If you become a Nike Plus member, you get access to the latest products, partner rewards, and exclusive discounts.


Wayfair is an American company that offers over 10 million home-related items. The app features a technology that gives you access to its furniture showroom. Its “View in 3D” option makes it possible for you to have a closer look at what you intend to buy.

Also, the app can furnish your room virtually. So, it can recommend what you need to buy for your room makeover. The feature enables you to purchase furniture with confidence that the furniture will fit in your room.


MyChart app belongs to a healthcare software company, Epic. The company offers an electronic health records platform to healthcare providers. Both patients and medics can access health information that they require at a go.

Notably, you can communicate with your doctor using the MyChart app. Also, your doctor can review any health information that you have in your medical records. Last, you can secure an appointment, view the prices of medical bills, and share your medical records with other healthcare providers using the app.


Walmart is a global provider of millions of grocery and utility items. So, Walmart customers with the app can check the availability of an item and place an order. The menu option allows a user to navigate through the products that the company offers.

You can reorder any item that you had ordered before using the app. You can also add any item to a favorite list and place an order later. Last, you can choose between doorstep and curbside delivery options.

Moda Operandi

Life is incomplete without pampering yourself with a luxurious item. If you need any luxury fashion item, Moda Operandi can be useful for you. Men and women can get hundreds of designers and brands from the app.

The app features a curated list of over 1,300 luxury items. You can also discover emerging designers using the app. Last, you can pre-order from your favorite runway and designer shows.

It is impossible to end the list of eCommerce apps that inspired people in 2023. However, Future Trans has highlighted only a few apps that show the convenience you can get from using eCommerce apps.

It is time to head to your app store and explore the apps that can make your life happier.