It has been estimated that almost 80% of the total time spent on the internet accounts for watching videos. Frankly speaking, it’s the most preferred form of media today.

You can have in-depth written descriptions for a product on Amazon, or Shopify. Or even your own website. You may even share technical specifications of a product in a comprehensive document to aid the comprehension of the reader.

However, it won’t be as effective as a video. People would prefer listening to tech reviewers than going through entire documents and blog posts.

And, the trend seems to be dominating the marketing world courtesy of platforms like YouTube, Netflix and social media that distribution of video content has become so seamless. Videos are everywhere just like we had text and images circulating on the web 20 years back.

Now since everyone’s preoccupied with video content, it pays more to capitalize on the opportunity. And, put out videos in front of your customers.

Wanna know why? Because they love watching videos.

In this blog, we’ll cover in-depth on;

  • Six types video marketing strategies popular in 2023
  • How to create your own video marketing strategy?
  • How to devise a creative brief that can 10x your video success?

And much more. So, let’s jump right in!

Types of video marketing strategies

Now that you know how valuable video marketing can be to charm your branding, it would suit our discussion if we share the various types of video marketing strategies that are out there.

Needless to say, each strategy has its own unique purpose and may be called upon as a function to leverage brand messaging to cater to the needs of the marketing team.

Regardless of what strategy you pick, you’re always better off keeping the messaging consistent. You may be able to do by ensuring that your branding aesthetics perfectly align with sound design.

Keeping branding colors and tone of voice consistent will help pivot your brand even in the most stringent of competition.

Regular messaging with your unique brand aesthetics will help your audience wrap their head around your messaging with a lot more ease.

Following are six key video marketing strategies. Know that you need not use all of them. Like most brands, you may start to see your branding endeavors bear fruit by applying one or two of the following.

Funnel-based strategy

This one as the name implies is focused around the buyer’s journey.

  • Awareness level videos may be curated around identifying a specific problem that your customers are facing. Usually, the tone for such type of messaging is educational.
  • Consideration level videos go deeper in the funnel. You may curate videos around comparison of solutions to help your prospects agree with your approach. Brands share 30-second explainer videos to do that.
  • Decision level videos may include launch events, testimonials or direct offers to assist the customer in making a decision.

Customer delight

Video marketing is not just limited to enticing buyers to make a purchase from you. But it extends beyond just selling. Your video strategy can be devised around customer relationships.

Brands have gone one step further as they produce customer delight videos. These particular videos feature customers sharing their stories, and their experience with the brand.

It can be anything from a testimonial to a personalized birthday wish, or something like a short video sent via email to celebrate the win of the customer.


You can even have a video marketing strategy for your socials. And, why not? You’ve got every good reason to have one. I mean people spend 2-3 hours a day on social media.

And, as they’re looking for entertainment, they won’t mind going through educational content to make up for the guilty pleasure of consuming too much with aimless scrolling.

So, make sure to produce content that is engaging, yet educational at the same time. While you can connect and share content on a daily, it’s no wonder that prospects will actively reach out to you.


What makes educational content gold for any brand is that it sustains its value overtime. Years may pass by, by people would still land on blogs sharing hacks to increase hair growth or grooming tips and tricks.

You can create videos around topics that appeal to your audience. As a thrilled marketer, you can always eye for impactful messaging rather than sounding too pushy with your sales pitch.


Such type of video strategy works perfect for complex products and ideas. Usually, you’ll see explanatory videos or what we call 2D explainer videos more common with brands operating in the finance and tech niche.

So, if your goal is to build brand awareness or help your audience navigate through the ins and outs of a complex, but immensely valuable solution, then explanatory video marketing is the way to go!


Customers don’t want to be told what to do. They like seeing things and checking them out on their own. That’s why one golden lesson in marketing is to ‘Show, don’t tell’.

That’s where tutorials can be useful. You can showcase cool features of your product or service through a video. It would build customer trust and convince prospects that your product has the quality that it claims.

How to create your video marketing strategy?

Now that we know the various types of strategies for video marketing, let’s dive into how you can develop a powerful strategy for your video campaign.

Know your competition

First thing you want to do is know your competition. Here’s a checklist to keep a close eye on your competitors;

  • Find out what type of content works for them
  • Determine the frequency of video posting in a month or a year
  • Navigate content through stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Figure out their video marketing strategy
  • See if they’re getting results from their strategy
  • Check how are they delivering their clientele

Set goals

Now that you already know what works and what doesn’t in the video production sphere, it’s time for you to set appropriate goals. Decide if your goal is to build awareness or be on the buzz with your solution or product. Do you want customers to go on talking about your products and services?

Or do you wish to have an impact on the sales volume of your product or service?

After you’ve decided with your goal, it’s time to list down some key metrics to measure your progress. Make sure you don’t just pay attention to vanity metrics which include likes and shares. Highlight quality metrics. It can be done by keeping a close eye on competitors.

Decide the type of strategy

Above we discussed six key types of video marketing strategies. At this stage you’ll decide which one suits you. If you’re planning to boost your reach on socials, then a social-focused strategy might work.

Define your video concept

Next step is to define your video concept. You can start off by preparing a creative brief. It’s more like the how, why, what, and who of your messaging. You can even start off with the scriptwriting process, if you’ve enough confidence over your skills.

Or you can outsource this job to a video production agency. At this stage you want to be more focused with what kind of message you want to get across. If you’re planning to swoop in more leads, then you can opt for explanatory type of content.

Usually, you’ll have a video agency work on a series of videos for you. Each video will work in tandem with its successor. And, build on what has been covered previously.

For engagement purposes, you can choose to include characters and fine tune a compelling storyline as people love to hear stories. And, interestingly, they tend to remember these for an enduring period of their lives. So, you can pay more emphasis to storytelling.

How many videos?

For this, we’ll suggest you to keep a close eye on the frequency of videos production of your competitors. Or try to do your research. You can find references on YouTube.

If you’ve a social content strategy, I guess it would be best to invite suggestions from your audience. Knowing what the want puts you on top of your game. You can create content as per their needs and delight them. So, if you want to decide how many videos you need exactly, it’s good to interact with their audience and let them decide.

Know your audience

When deciding on what you want to cover in your videos, look around the content that is circulating around your ideal prospect. For this, I’ll suggest working out your creative brief with a creative director.

They’ll help you create the perfect buyer persona out of thin air. While if you choose to do its own your own, the process could be time-consuming, and perhaps painstaking, if you lack a background in copywriting.

Navigate clearly through the pain points of your customers and their wins. Look out for their aspirations and emotions. What is it that would please them more than anything? Ask yourself, if your solution can fit in the puzzle?

Set a deadline

Creating videos can be tedious job. So, it’s always good to have a set deadline, and work your way through it.

List out the tools for communication

Next, you want to decide which channels you’ll be using for communication. A project done for videos could difficult to manage. So, picking the right communication tools can organize your job and really be the difference in successful completion, and delayed delivery.

Pick a video partner

This step is not necessarily the last one. If you can decide and work out the above on your own, then you may proceed with this one. However, if you’ve no clue or let’s say, you don’t have enough resources to allocate for all those tasks (mentioned above), then this will be the primary step.

You can choose from a range of quality video Production Companies in Los Angeles. Not only will these work out the creative brief for you, but will manage video production on your behalf.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we expanded on the need for a video marketing. How the shift has already outplayed other forms of media for content. Along with it, we also covered a great detail on devising your video marketing strategies. Last, but not the least, we also gave you a walkthrough of the six unique types of video marketing strategies that are really popular today. We hope you got a nugget or two from this one.

Author Bio:

Jane Collen is an animation expert with over 6 years of experience in the industry. As a Senior Content Writer at BuzzFlick, a leading animation studio and video production company, Jane has been instrumental in creating engaging and compelling animated videos for clients across various industries.