It can be difficult to tell if someone has a crush on you. There are some tell-tale signs that a guy may be crushing on you, but the best way to know for sure is to listen to what he says. This article will discuss the words a guy might use when he has a crush on you.

Signs He’s Crushing

When a guy has a crush on you, there are certain behaviors that he may display. He may be more talkative and laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not particularly funny. He may also be more attentive and remember details about you or your life. He may find excuses to be near you or touch you, and he may have a particular interest in your conversations.

What He Says

When a guy has a crush on you, he may use certain words to express his feelings. He may call you sweet or lovely names. He may use pet names like “honey” or “darling.” He may also use words of endearment like “my love” or “my sweetheart.” He may tell you that you look beautiful or that he adores you. He may also express his admiration for you or tell you how much he enjoys spending time with you.


When a guy has a crush on you, he may express it in many ways. Pay attention to how he behaves and the words he uses. If he is using terms of endearment or expressing admiration, it is a good sign that he has a crush on you.